Interview with Arzu Aksoy from I AM ZU

Meet the super talented and young designer Arzu Aksoy the designer behind ‘I AM ZU’ learn more about her feather designs and what she thinks about fashion blogging..

Tell me a little about your background.
I see my background in colours. A solid ground full with love and many pictures! The most important thing about my background is my mother. Everything I do and everything I AM is because of this woman, my mom. Raised by her alone, traveled years and years through life with her. She is my best friend. I have worked in fashion, banking, media and television and studied Tourism, Marketing & Communication. Yet I didn’t see myself in those pictures. Movement, art, people, fashion and culture were always an eye-catcher for me, very interesting how things develop themselves and change. I AM a woman now, who believes in in big dreams. I AM a networker, a word lover, socializer and I love to organize! My fuel is love, and that’s what my background is. Love has lots of colours! I AM in love with love.

How did I AM ZU begin? What path originally led you to designs and work with feathers?
You can take life as hard as you want, or as light as you want. ‘Light as a Feather’ has for me more reasons than the weight of a feather. It says more. Feathers had a major influence since I was a kid. I was a girl, not alone but lonely in my own world, now and then. And though I had and have friends and family around me with huge support and love, I AM feeling the energy and love from the unseen and invisible that had my interest. I always have my thoughts, wishes and prayers with me and since I was a kid ‘they’ answered me through feathers. Sometimes I have found a white feather on my bed or in front of my door. It’s a spiritual thing that is growing with me, I AM not alone. The freedom feeling I get from feathers, colours and words is so massive. It tells you more when you feel and see the thin line in life. Everything is so chaotic and peaceful at the same time. I AM in my own element with water, love, light and the universe. Feathers are from birds, birds can fly, flying is FREEDOM. Freedom is endless, just like the Universe.

So that’s what I want to give with my designs to all the feather and ZU lovers: You are not alone, you are loved.

Where did the name ‘I AM ZU’ come from?
I see myself as an entrepreneur and I like to think that I AM created. As the years passed by, my experiences were getting richer, it wasn’t so difficult to build a name. I AM comes from who I AM, what I was, what I do and what I will do. I AM stands for loving the past and in love with the future, also my personality is in I AM. I AM very sensitive, caring and have lots of space for pure, good and positive people. This counts for every day. ZU is for my name, ARZU. I Picked ZU because everybody calls me Zu’tje, ZU, Arzoetje or ZULU.
ZU is powerful, ZU is creative, ZU is going everywhere, ZU is like a painting that never will be finished. And because of my special love for the colour Blue, I gave ZU the colour blue. I AM ZU.
Blue comes from my sign, I AM a Pisces always swimming and hard to stop. Sometimes it’s the right way, sometimes the wrong. The sky is also blue, and the sky isn’t the limit!

What are you working on now?
I AM working on special designs for an upcoming photo shoot, video and an upcoming album cover, can’t tell yet for who exactly. But those people are in love with my love for feathers and designs and I AM making it for them. Of course, every piece I AM working on is one of a kind for every customer. And what I love about my creations and designs, is that none of what I make is and will be the same. The earrings that I make of feathers are always unique and not comparable to other pieces.

Who buys your feather pieces?
Everybody who loves my feather pieces and philosophy. We are all one, we are all unique. But what I love the most, is when people feel and see the background story. I get heart eyes sometimes when people give me that special look and a warm hug.

How did you start to market your products?
Lots of people, designers, philosophers and feather lovers inspired me. Because I was always curious about others their life story’s and was looking for similar frequencies. I got lots of inspiration from Japan and the USA and had a lot contact with some designers abroad to do work for them. But I decided to build something for myself, something smaller but with a big vision. Since 2009 I started making and wearing my own earrings. Since then I caught lots of eyes, my network, friends and other people who eyed me. And then, I have made I AM ZU a fact and I AM online and sharing my creations!

Arzu, what is your philosophy of life?
Live & learn, love & Be loved. Be kind, help each other.

Do you read fashion blogs? And what do you think about blogging?
Yes I read fashion blogs, it keeps me updated and contain much more info then years before! The internet, the world can’t do anymore without it. And I think it’s one of the best jobs there is! It’s all ABOUT blogging, every magazine, every shop, every big fashion house has bloggers. Every show NEEDS bloggers, every EVENT needs bloggers. Blogging is all in one. They do marketing, advertising, commercials, branding and so on! Now the bloggers need to get paid for what they do 🙂  There’s lots of work in it with writing and editing the pictures. But I think they all do it with love, so do I. Keep blogging.

What can BSA readers expect to see from you in the coming year?
Do not expect, then you’ll get lots of surprises! Love & Light….

 Thank you so much Arzu for your time .

For more info about ‘I AM ZU’:


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