Modefabriek 2012 Highlights – Report

The Modefabriek (literal translation: Fashion Factory) is an annual event in Amsterdam where 600 brands present their collection to a diverse fashion audience. The brands are both unique and contain quality, and aim for the middle to high segment in the fashion market. Enough said, a lot of inspiration to get from this 40.000 square metered fashion treasure. We present to you the by Styling Amsterdam highlights, what do you like the most? 

We fell in love with these Colombian / Mexican inspired bags. So cheerful, so bright and so colourful!

The designers that attended Amsterdam International Fashion Week were at the Modefabriek too. This time to present their collection to potential buyers.

You might remember the romantic, punk chic collection from Bas Kosters. As controversial as he is, above the collection the sign says: ‘Extra Shit’.

Isn’t this the nicest chill spot you have ever seen? Good job Summum Woman!

The sweetest jeans collection we ever saw by Current Elliott.

Summer bracelets to die for by Jewel Rocks.

A great ambiance.

These bikes are sturdy and probably something we would never dare to ride on.

The designer of the label OntFront. A subculture inspired brand that makes fashion items sidewalk tailored. Their site is a real treat: see here.

A shoe brand from Lapland called MIM.

Probably the brand with the sweetest story: Granny’s Finest. The scarfs are knitted by grannies and designed by upcoming young designers.

And finally, all the way from New York City, the jewellery brand Linhardt Jewelry. With items that fit every outfit.

Pictures: © Femmie – by Styling Amsterdam


Femmie has her own company: raffine. Her company magnifies a brand's unique selling point through graphic design and makes sure the brand communicates clear and strong. On top of that, she is the proud designer of by Styling Amsterdam and works side by side with editor in chief Monica.

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