Something special for Mom!

This is the year we give our moms – or the person that has cared for us much – deserved recognition for always being there for us. Consoling us during breakups, sharing unsolicited life lessons along the way or just making our favorite meal.

Mother’s day is coming up soon and I’d say: “Call your momma, go see her, kiss her a bunch of times and even if you say I love you everyday make mother’s day just extra special for her”.

Here are some Ideas I thought were cute 🙂

Birth pictures, your baby bracelet, a lock of hair. Old memories you can put in this simple, elegant glass box.
I’m thinking they have like a similar box at Ikea.

Fav scent:
Try and find your mother’s favorite scent from back in her days. I’m sure it’s still out there and timeless she’ll love you for remembering.

I’d say you can never go wrong with jewelry. But why not mix it up a bit and get something made. I don’t know where or how they do it but apparently you can get your fingerprint imprinted in this necklace. Very unique and sweet.

Remember it’s the little things that count: flowers, some sweets or bring her out to dinner or a spa treatment.

All things I’m sure she’ll appreciate.


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