Salonè Della Moda

As a fashion lover being asked to go to a fashion show is a chance I couldn’t pass up. This fashion show called “Salonè Della Moda” was a 2-day programme (20th and 21st of April) where upcoming fashion designers and international brands presented their new collections in an innovative and unique way. It was a great experience combining the art industry with culture and fashion.

This event just showed me how dynamic, diverse and inspiring people are when there is passion.

Day 1
Below you will see the great designs of Gary Symor (also the first picture) and Mevan Kaluarachchi.

Gary Symor’s show had a touch of eccentric meets modern and elegance. The designs are great and there are definitely some dresses that I would want to have in my closet!

Mevan Kaluarachchi show was really unique and innovative. The models were doing ballet on stage, very different! It also showed how flexible his clothing is.

Day 2
Today I saw three fashion shows by Kaho To, Swinda van Dijk and House of Byfield.
They were all amazing yet very different from one another.

I had the opportunity to talk to The designer of Kaho To. He told me that his concept is about a woman who falls in love, decides to get married but is left at the altar. She becomes depressed and crosses over to the dark side.
He combines two styles in his designs: romance which is lace, soft fabrics and light colours and then there is the dark side which is heavy fabric, black and sharp corners.

I honestly like that his designs have a storyline it makes you more aware of what you see and how you relive his clothing from a different point of view.

And then there is Carmichael Byfield the designer of House of Byfield.
I can only say that you had to be there to experience how truly amazing his show was! His show and his designs… it was so spunky, fast, modern: just exceptionally good.

He told me that his focus has been on menswear but because woman ask him when he’s designing clothes for women…he had to show us a little preview of what is to come. He has also started to design clothes and dresses for children. His beautiful daughter is wearing a gorgeous little dress made by House of Byfield.

Salonè Della Moda was a great event and I had a wonderful time!

Thanks to Stravagante PR, Rotterdam Modestad and Designplatform Rotterdam for transforming The Remonstrant Arminius Church in Rotterdam in a lively fashion temple.

Love, June

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All photos: June Ofori

  1. Kaho To’s dress with the white that faded into grey and bits of pink is really nice. How would you suggest to play rock that look in the real world?

  2. I’m glad to read so many good feed back about Mevan’s show so I want to give a special thank to all of you and to my dancer: Grey Timmers, Baptiste Sandere, Duarte Fernandes, Wojciech Grudzinski, Danej Kelher Seljak.

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