Exclusive Interview with Conchita Leeflang ¨Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen¨

Meet this amazing woman she is a modelactress and singer Conchita Leeflang
And she was the most fun to interview!

Introduce yourself Conchita,

Well, my name is actually Conchita….lol! I am Conchita Leeflang and i was born n Suriname. One of the most Exotic places on earth!! 
Did you always want to be a singer or actress?
I always wanted to be a singer. Acting came after when i lived in Brussels and joined a theatre company. I was sold by the art of acting, and was interested in the business of acting. Found the best coach (Aaron Speiser) 16 years ago in LA who taught me, the business of acting, acting, cold reading, improv and everything that has to do with acting including the writing aspect of it. I have not left him since. 

Conchita tells us more about your modeling career and your experience modeling in Russian

I have gotten work sold in Russia, lots of print jobs, but i have never directly worked in Russia. The shoots were done in LA, Miami or NY! I started modeling very very early, but because i was still in school, i could not make it my profession. Once i started doing it on a professional level, i was unstoppable. I had up and downs, but i never let it either stop me or discourage me. The funny thing i heard a few times, when they didn’t want to tell me directly that they didn’t want a dark woman was. “oooh, I asked the agency to send me a blond girl. I don’t know what happened”…Haha. When i started modeling for Gianni Versace, he then told me “oooh honey they probably didn’t want to tell you that they didn’t want Black that at the end doesn’t crack, and can work longer”. Lol. From that moment on, i felt great!! The reason why i didn’t have a chance to worry about what job to get was because my singing was going strong around the same time. 

Combining career and family is something people still have strong opinions on what do you think Conchita?

If you can NOT combine it i would say “don’t start a family”. But for the people who believe that they can, it is the most rewarding thing, when you can have a career that you are passionate about and share it with your children and partner. Waking up every morning surrounded by your loved ones, gives you more power to become successful and have it in your own hand. The only difference is that you also have to be able to afford it. Having a tutor for your child, or a sometime nanny gives you control on what you want for your child, so you don’t have to trust them only to the school system. 

Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen turned you into a LA icon,What do you love about Los Angeles?

LA is extremely multcultural, and it feels like Suriname when it comes to all the different races. Because i grew up with so much diversity, racism was almost non existent. The same in LA. When i go to Europe, it is so funny that i always have to hear some kind of racial related joke. They are funny sometimes, and a lot of people who make them probably don’t do it to harm anyone, but it’s just very easily their mindset. On the other hand LA is all about who you know and money. Not the best either. And the other things i love in LA is the weather, the people are overly sweet. A whole lot are fake, but if they are not close to me and part of my circle, i am okay about them just staying sweet because i don’t have to deal with it if some of them are fake. Lol. Makes me smile everyday when people are just sweet. The parties are always amazing. Even if you don’t go, you easy get invited to everything fun.  

Tell us more about your baby clothing line?
Started getting very passionate when i saw my little girl. I was shopping trying to find the old school 60’s style clothes my mother used to make, but it was just so hard to find it. I then decided that i was gonna roughly design or have someone help me design some stuff to have made for her. My girlfriend then made a joke saying. “Conchita can’t find what she wants for her daughter, so why not have it made”. Lol. My baby clothing line then started coming to life, and “Baby London Victoria” was born. I took a few lessons on how to accurately and professionally make a fashion line, and being born in Suriname where everything was organic made my choices of some of the fabric very easy. I love the line. I will concentrate mainly on whole sale in the beginning, and try to sell it in boutiques, and department stores like Bijenkorf etc. I love Bijenkorf.   

Visiting Amsterdam soon?
I will be in Amsterdam either the beginning of March, or the beginning of April. I am going on a skiing trip mid March. 

Conchita you got the most amazing body tell us your Fitness Regime.
Awwww, that is so sweet. I absolutely love and try to eat right. That is so insanely important and a must. People think that having a healthy eating habit means being on a diet to loose weight. Nope, i still eat my pasta, Pom, pastei, but just make sure that i use low fat stuff when i make it, and if i don’t i limit my day to only one carb. For example, don’t eat bread in the morning, pasta in the afternoon, and Rice at night. You will gain lots of stomach fat and weight that will be hard to loose. Too many bad carbs in one day.  And my exercise of choice has been Pilates for the last 10 years. I also have a personal trainer who comes to the house and we kick box for an hour 2 or 3 times a week. Other then that i combine it with my pilates machine. The best investment i have ever made. Your muscles become longer and leaner instead of bulky when you do weight training or biking. haven’t worked out for a while though, have been very very busy.  

What advice would you give young Ethnic Background ¨dutch¨ aspiring singers?
If you know you can sing, and that you have a passion for it, please don’t be afraid to get a vocal coach to further you in your career to become the best that you can be. And if you can’t afford one, take only one lesson, and ask the trainer exactly what he thinks about your voice. Don’t be scared or discouraged if he tells you to work on it, please listen, learn and work towards the top!! Rejection is absolutely normal and it should never ever discourage you. If your proud parents lied to you that you have the best voice, a teacher will let you know the harsh truth. take it with you!!!! And second finish school please!!!! It’s a must!!!! Third…..never ever give up on your passion when you are good, or preparing yourself to get good at it.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that my daughter grows up to become a fine young girl who wants to go to Harvard. Lol. That will make her dad and I the happiest parents ever!!! Lol. Consider her tuition paid for. And i hope that i can be very successful with my line, so i can pass it over to my baby girl!!

Could you tell By StylingAmsterdam readers what to expect in the new Nederlandse Hollywood vrouwen?

Well expect a lot of fun, serious subjects, and craziness!! And a WHOLE lot of turbulence. Lol. It will be fun.
Conchita was pleasure to interview you,thank you for your time.
For more information visit:http://www.conchitaleeflang.com/
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