Interview with Hair & Makeup Artist Mika van Leeuwen

Mika what is your reason for choosing this profession? Who or what inspired you to become a hair stylist?
I knew from since I was little that I had to do something with beauty. I wanted to be a part of people getting more beautiful. I think it is in my genes.

Where did you get your start in hair dressing?
I wasn’t a very good student, my dear teacher helped me out and asked me; Mika, what do you really want to do? And she fixed it for me. I started in the most little salon in Groningen and ended in the biggest and most expensive of Amsterdam. I learned from everyone, every day! Until I made the switch to work for my biggest hair icon: hair guru Rob Peetoom.

What inspires your work?
I get inspiration out of a lot of things, I visit museums, fashion shows, buy every vogue there is and look at street style every day! Celebs are also a big inspiration. Movement tickles my mind. Shine sparkles my eyes, and that’s what I want to see every day, on everyone!

What should women never do to their hair?
To do a Permanent Curl in their hair. I just HATE it! It’s awful when it regrows, it’s frizzy. It’s the bad side of posh!

Mika what are your basic hair-care tips you can give By StylingAmsterdam readers?
As a basic you should always use shampoo and conditioner. And once a week a hair mask. In towel-dry hair or dry hair an Argain oil is perfect to use. It’s caring, prevents fizziness and doesn’t get too oily.

What are three of your favorite styling products right now and why, Mika?

Redken Argan oil, of course!
It’s useable in six different ways, takes good care of the hair, looks shiny and healthy and is easy to use.

NYCE Volumizer.
This is a light volume spray. A spray is easier to apply and there is much more air in the hair comparing to a sticky mousse. If you activate the molecules in the spray with heat, the hair will swell and get more and more volume.

Alfaparf illuminating Hairspray.
I love hairspray.. it’s the fixation to all my created hairdo’s. without hairspray I would be nothing.

What advice would you give to a young girl who would like to become a hairdresser and work in the fashion and beauty industry?
Always start with hairdressing first when you’re young. When you’re older it is harder to get a chance to be educated. Make-up is the next step, choose a good education, a more high end education is worth the money.
Look after new products from the moment you start, get to know everything within the profession. Also, make sure you ensure yourself with a good network which you can benefit of. Good luck!

Mika what are the hottest hair trends for spring/summer 2012?

Warm colors ( golden blond, copper brown )
A tight Pony Tale!
A fish braid

Shiny and Healthy glow

Clothing Colors
Light blue
Salmon tint

Thank you for giving me your time on the interview! much appreciated
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