Exclusive Interview with Raja Felgata

Hi Raja, introduce yourself in your own words?
My name is Raja Felgata and I am a journalist, columnist and a TV producer, I was the first local and national news anchor in the Netherlands with a Moroccan background. I have worked for several media outlets and I am currently expanding my business with my own media company called Mogador Productions.

What inspired you to start Rajas 101 Colorful Women’s list?
We all know the most powerful women list of the feminist magazine OPZIJ. This list represents the most influential women within the Netherlands. I felt that this list was not representative for colorful and powerful women in Holland, as I believe in a multicultural society as we know it now. Why not search for multicultural women in society today and make a list just like the OPZIJ list and give these ladies recognition within media and business fields?  I received the democracy ribbon for my colorful women’s list, because I believe the positioning of these women is important and necessary.

Can you name one of the most inspiring woman in the Netherlands  you’ve met through Rajas 101 Colorful Women’s list?
I’ve met a lot of women who inspire me every day. From women with their own company to ladies who work in the field and sacrifice their time for the bigger cause. I find it hard name women, but I admire everyone that dares to chase her dreams and is not afraid to walk her own path to the top.

As a young and very successful woman what do you think has changed in Holland for ethnic backgrounds women?
I think the new generation of ethnic women is very ambitious and focused. These ladies are more aware of who they are, due to politics and the discussion about who they are. Therefore I found the discussion about the term Nigger-Bitch in the glossy Jackie and Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet very interesting. There was a worldwide discussion about the classification and people with a black background stood up for themselves and engaged in intellectual dialogues with politicians and the media. I encourage young women to challenge themselves to speak out and not to be afraid to use their voice. Without them there is no future, so speak your mind intellectually, with creativity and charm. Be a triple threat J

Talk to us about your company Mogador Productions.
Mogador is my multi media company, were I produce and develop everything that comes with media productions. Mogador stands for: Many Overwhelming Great Achievements Define Our Reality. My partners are public service broadcastings such as the NTR, Justice Department, several women’s organizations like Women Inc, All women on top and www.vrouwenindemedia.nl. I also write for the Dutch-Moroccan glossy HODA www.ditishoda.nl where I interview Moroccan ladies at the top. There are many of us professionals that work as politicians, writers, TV personalities and in other fields. That makes me very proud.

What do you think is the exact role of social media in the marketing?
I think social media is a tool, and a very influential one. The Arab spring started with social media and American politicians withdraw themselves because of twitter. I think if you use it wisely you can use it to brand yourself and your work – as a media woman I use social media to market and brand myself and my business.

Are bloggers some kind of citizen journalists?
Yes they are. But not everyone with an opinion is a journalist. In the fashion scene people tend to have opinions about  everything they see, which is a good thing. But to be a journalist or a good blogger you need more than just an opinion. It’s all about knowledge and the perception we create, but as a blogger and journalist I believe in the freedom of speech.

Looking down the road, what do you expect to see on TV and in magazines, five or ten years from now?
I see more women in TV shows, more female leadership at the top of large companies and organizations and more color projecting from our screens. We as a society are work in progress, and 5 years from now we can have our own Bill Cosby TV show with Achmed and Fatima and more colorful models in magazines and on billboards. With all due respect: the world is not merely blue eyed and blond, and we will see this everywhere around us.

Best advice anyone has ever given you?
Be yourself, the most difficult thing to become.

What advise would you like to give to young girls aspiring to become a Journalist?
Be curious and don’t feel intimidated by other people, don’t believe in hierarchy and kick some serious ass with beauty and brains. There is no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers, so dare to be cheeky. And let people underestimate you, the best assumption ever!

Thanks Again to Raja for taking some time to share her views and thoughts with By StylingAmsterdam readers.

Visit her website www.mogador-productions.com


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