Exclusive Interview with Fashion Photographer Salvador Pozo

Salvador Pozo is a successful fashion photographer who has worked in Spain and Mexico. Salvador runs his photography company Salvador Pozo Photography, with his husband Peter Versnel. I met Salvador and Peter nearly three years ago. It was really a pleasure to interview him.

How did you get into photography?
I always liked photography, not only to photograph beautiful things, but also see the pictures that other people make. I am a very visual person.

Did moving to Holland change your artistic vision or inspire your photography compared to when you lived in Spain?
Yes, you can say that it is no longer that romantic-soft and became a bit more strong and dark.

How do you compare shooting in the studio to on location – any preference?
In the studio I have more control over the lights (which is a good thing) but you lose that surprise effect and unexpected corners that locations bring with lights and shadows. It is that what makes a location my favorite choice.

What do you think is most important: the model, the clothes or the location?
It is a combination of everything , but the model (in the case of fashion photography) is really important. With a good model you wouldn’t need a great location or lots of clothing  pieces to get that ” wow” picture.

What do you love the most about your job?
Everything is great and I do it with pleasure, but the new places that we visited and the people that we meet are the best!

What is one last impression you want to leave in your photos?
Elegance and good taste.

What is the best photo you ever took? And why is that photo the most significant to you?
I couldn’t choose one, maybe because I still do not have that perfect one.

Do you have a typical day?
I am freelance photographer and almost every day is different, I like that.

With who do you want to work in future?
Italian Vogue of course!

What would you advise for the photographers who are just beginning?
I hope they are not too many! We are already with a lot! I am kidding. I could advise them to be themselves no matter what other people say about what they should be doing and in which way.

Any last words for bystylingamsterdam.com readers?
Just, that I hope you like my work , check : www.salvadorpozo.com. A really special 2012 for everybody and you will be seeing much more of me in the future!

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