5 min Exclusive Interview with DJ Patrick Martin


 This week we have Dj Patrick the new talent and sensation from Spain.

Full name? Where are you from?age?

  • Hello, my name is Patrick Martin and I’m a 19 year old Dj and Producer from Spain.

 How did you get into DJing?

  • At first I was not into house music, I was more into RnB and some rock and when i was 12 I started learning how to play the guitar and the drums, but i got bored of it after a while,  I needed something stronger and more powerful! When i was 13, i stepped in a club for the first time and i fell in love with the music and I just couldn’t stop looking at what the dj was doing. After that night I would only listen to house music and for christmas my parents bought me a dj set so I could practice. I got hooked to it inmediatelly and i would spend like 9 hours practicing.


What’s your style in three words or less?

  • Powerful and Energetic


What DJ’s/things inspire you the most?

  •  have always really liked Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and Afrojack, but from who im getting most of my inspiration is with no doubt Hardwell


What is the best part of life as a deejay?

  • The best thing about djing is the feeling you get when you play a track and everyone jumps or sings along to it! I can’t describe the feeling, you have to experience it to know what im talking about. I get goose bumps just by thinking about it

What is the worst part about DJing?

  • The worst part about being a dj is that when you are touring around the world, you maybe spend months away from your home, family and friends…


Whats been your favorite place to play and why?

  • Last April I played in Theatro Marrakech and it was amazing. Everyone was just so into it and it was just so fun!


What have you got planned for 2012?

  • m planning to reléase many many tracks which I am actually working on right now and I hope they get a lot of support. Im also planning on playing in a more international basis going to places like Colombia, Miami, Mexico and hopefully around Asia too


Big thanks to DJ Patrick  for facilitating this interview.
For more info : djpatrickmartin@gmail.com
website will be soon online 


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