Leggings! Yes or No??

So with Sofia Vergara wearing some almost see trough leggings at a shoot from Modern Family, the discussion came up again.. Are leggings pants or just to be worn under a dress or shorts?

Personally I dont have a real problem with leggings, especially with a body like Sofia Vergara has, I think the only ones complaining are people who dont look as good as she does in those same leggings. Are they very fashionable? I doubt it, but the woman looks great in them so who decides if its a bad look or not? Were she 50kgs heavier, or have a flat behind, I doubt it would be very estetic though..

I must say though, a legging can look very nice depending on material, it can even be flattering. In my opinion if your behind does not look like the one Sofia has, I would certainly think to cover it up with a longer shirt, dress or even shorts. Then they are just so easy to combine with everything, and especially great on a bloated, nothing fits day. Just to make sure to wear a nice quality one, or a jegging  – legging looking like jeans-.

You can dress them up with a nice shirt and a jacket, casual with flats and a long tshirt, wear a slightly shorter dress with high heels, boots and a jumper.. the combinations are endless.

So I guess not the most fashionable item in town, but still a very versatile item to have in your closet if you wear it right. What do you think? Can you wear it, or is it not done?


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