A Christmas Present for every Child

2 Awesome ladies Josje and Angela got together with Dolfijn FM in Curacao, and made this number 1 hit about giving Christmas presents to every child in Curacao.

The idea was to get everyone bringing presents to the radio station, or make donations. They then brought it to all the poor kids in Curacao. It was a HUGE success, and is now again repeated.

The video is in Dutch, but just watching it hopefully inspires you to do the same for the poor children in your own country.

Last year I was over in Curacao, and the 2 amazing big hearted kids of my friend and me, have donated all their own Christmas presents. This year we made sure to donate again in Curacao. I hope you will take example of two little kids and look where to donate in your own country for your own children. Remember they will be the ones looking after you when you are old and needy…


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