Exclusive interview: Miss Flavour UK Model of The Year: AMY

By StylingAmsterdam meet Amy at Top Model Of Colour Uk Final 2011 in London,she is the new Miss Flavour Uk

How old are you and where are you from?and why London.
I am 23 and London is a big cosmopolitan city, it is like the meeting of every culture from west to east or north to side London is completely different and so diverse.I love the mix of different culture in London and I do enjoy more the fact that here 95 percent of the population seems to appreciate it and accept it.

From a fashion point of view it is exactly the same London was more for me than France as it is easier to find a job as a black model and that the fashion is really rich and diverse, the opportunity are more open.



What is the most important thing that a girl should do to present herself well in castings?
The most important thing is to be as natural as possible because people who cast model they already have an idea or what they are looking for so they need to be able to imagine the result in each model and its way easier for them to visualize a result when the face of the model is nude without any make up or artifice same for the body wear the most simple clothes and tight to see the form
We have to think that the most important its to go as natural as possible and act friendly
We are not just a pretty face and a nice body we need to show that we are nice and easy to work with
When I go to a casting I always act as I am my own representative so I do everything to sell myself the best



Do you think that there is a specific reason why black models don’t book as many high-profile jobs as other models?
I think that there is 2 major reason for that 

The first one is that it is a big risk to book a black model specially in countries where we are in minority because you never know how the consumers are gonna react
Are they gonna buy a product represented by a black model if themselves are not
I learn communication at university and in marketing we observe that most of the people they will be more attracted buy a bilboard or a picture if they can identify themselves to it
So it is always a big issue for the big brand to know if a black model is bankable or not I have realised that they dont really like to take many risks but I do believe that black models can work as good as a white or chinese model Yves Saint Laurent was the first high profile designer to take this risk for his fashion show and it was a big success
Second I think that the cliché of the black diva or the black “ghetto” model scared a lot of bookers but they need to understand thats cliché are made to demean the population


Does the market treat you differently?Thats depend I dont like to think that everybody is the same and use the same method but most of the time if I am myself nice and easy with people they wont treat me bad 

What Motivates or inspires you to achieve your goals?

I like to think that life is short and that life is a gift so we have to make the best of it
Nobody should be able to minimize anybodys motivation I always tell to myself  or my friend ” if you do believe that this is gonna make you happy go for it”
I feel blessed everyday when I wake for what I have and what I am able to do, this is my everyday motivation to achieve my goals 



What is your dream modeling job?
I would love to be able to travel as many as posible now and participate in differents show representing different culture and different point of view
But if I will have to say one dream modelling job I have it would be to be part of the victoria secret fashion show
I always loved this show and the way it is connected and structured, specially accesories speaking



What does fashion mean to you?

I always like to think that fashion is a way to choose to assert itself or not
It is a free expression of a state of mind or a mood or simply of a talent
Fashion for me it is a way of express itself like music or dance is 



What is your best beauty tip?

I dont have any beauty tip
I learn some everyday when I am working on a shoot or reading magazines but then i always forgot them really quickly lol

The only thing important for me is to moisturize my skin everyday and I put baby powder on my face before to sleep but I dont know if it is a beauty tip it wasnt for my ex boyfriend though lol



Girls of color have problems with the hair. How do you take care of your hair?

As I take care of my skin I hydrate my hair as often as posible
I think too many black hair product are too oily wich is not good for the hair and it is important to wash the scalp at least twice a week even wearing a weave on and find the right product adapted to the hair
Too many different product or changes are not good too when i find a right product i stick to it
I love the Mizani range  by l oreal product and keracare by avlon
I also try to not relax my hair too much and never with a strong product or myself at home 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have on beauty product and one fashion item with you what would they be and why?One beauty product I will take with me without any hesitation will be a moisturize cream because it is the most important think for my skin the rest is just a “plus” I dont really need it and on a desert island I wont need make up or nail polish
The fashion item will be a bag of course, for me it is the only thing I cant not have it is so practical even on a desert island I will carry my coconut staying fierce lol 


What is next for Amy?

I already booked myself for shows and shoot for 2012
As december is a really “short” month I am anticipating as much as I can
The new year is gonna be a big evolution in my modelling career but also in others interests I have like communication and charity events .
I will grace the front cover of flavour magazine in January 2012 and I am obviously ready for the fashion weeks
I want achieve a maximum in a short period because as I said life is short.


Thanks you so much for taking the time to do this interview Amy.

copyright by ByStylingAmsterdam



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  1. Amy i am a fan!!!! U r an inspiration for the fashion world, i wish there was more like u. Beautiful great body and the most important great brains. Fancy a cup of tea some time this week?

  2. Amy Amy, i realy admire wat u’r doin as a model. I’m also an up coming model who wnts 2b lik u… Pls i d’luv 2hv ur assistance.

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