Meet The Dutch Female Model Ayannah Griffith

Tell us a little about yourself, who you are and where you from?
The story of my life started at august 28 1989, which is the day I entered this world.

My mother which I love very much named me:  Ayannah Nandi Griffith.As a child I already loved to be in the center of attention and I loved to dress up with my mother’s clothes and shoes, because of this I learned walking on heels on a very early age. My mom always let me walk on her heels  with socks on in the house, at this way she didn’t need to stretch her own shoes.

Today I’m 22 years old and I live alone in Amsterdam. I think education is very important so I still go to school.  At the moment I’m in my final phase of the study psychology.
I consider myself as a child from the world because of my roots which are Dutch, Surinam and Britisch-Guana.
I started modeling when at the age of 17. I never expected that I would become a model but my career started all of a sudden when two agencies showed interest in me while I was at a party. After a month I had my first big assignment which was the tv-show project catwalk. This assignment lighted my fire and desire to become a model and travel around the world.

What’s your most favorite and least favorite thing about yourself?My favorite thing of myself  is my entire body  and especially my belly which is flat and muscular without exercising! Beside that I also like my skin tone. The least favorite thing of myself is the fact that I look mad often (which isn’t the case most of the time).

If not modeling, what would you be doing?
If I didn’t model I would do exactly what I’m doing now beside modeling which is getting my degree at the university and party hard all the time.

You also have the perfect body! what are your fitness/diet secrets?

Even though it sounds crazy I don’t exercise at all and I don’t follow any diet. I always say I’m blessed to be able to eat as much as I want whenever I want without gaining weight.

What advice would you give aspiring models?

Stay realistic and focused on your entire future.  Don’t start walking on clouds, drop out of school etc.  when you get  your first big job.  As a model you’ve got an expiration date, make sure you have something to fall back on when this expiration date is there. But beside that stay positive and keep believe in yourself as a model, cause if you don’t believe in yourself as a model no one else will.

Lastly, any exciting projects you’re working on?
At the moment I’m searching for an agency in London and Cape Town,  I keep my fingers crossed!

Life motto?
Love life and live love, tomorrow starts today!

What are your plans tomorrow?
Work till 18.00 and search for some cute winter-boots till 21.00! And last but not least make everything ready for my outdoor photo-shoot!


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