Oh! Nena


Meet Daniela, Andrea, and Valentina
The designers behind the headwear line of Oh!Nena

How did you all meet?

We have known each other since we were kids. Daniela and Valentina are cousins, and I am Valentina’s best friend since elementary school.  we are more like a family than a team.

So where does Oh! Nena come from?

Oh! Nena was born on Christmas of 2008 when Daniela suggested that Valentina sell some headbands she had created that were inspired by a piece from the 70’s that was owned by her aunt.  Following that, Valentina and I did a photo-shoot in collaboration with Florencia (Photographer – Valentina’s sister) and Victoria (Model – Daniela’s sister). It was a very naïve and experimental process.  We were just having fun, but afterwards we realized that we needed to share our work with the public, so we created a MySpace profile under the name of Oh! Nena.  Off we went!

You are all from Venezuela.  What is the fashion industry like there?

Venezuelan girls are very fashionable.  We like to be stylish and well dressed, although we have to say that it’s not that big of an industry.  However, there are very interesting things going on.  Some really good independent brands, like us, are showing up as the market size increases.

Who buys your head pieces?

 Oh! Nena’s designs were initially made for young women who wanted to express their confidence through fashion.  We soon realized that women of all ages were buying our pieces.  Most women are a bit shy at first, but once they try them on and look at themselves in the mirror, they realize how beautiful and confident they can be.  It’s a total transformation!

How would you describe your own styles?

 We have many variations of styles in our pieces.  Some can be romantic, some can be aggressive and avant-garde, while others can be modern, classy, conservative or even a little bit Rock and Roll.  It really depends what kind of mood we are in when we create the collection.

So what are your favorite headwear moments from history?

Surviving, and being protected from the environment, is one of the main reasons why we have a colorful scale in woman’s fashion today.  Isn’t it a fabulous reason for fashion history?  As distant as that reason might be, that’s why Oh! Nena exists today.

We first got inspired by turbans and then romantic Victorian hats. After that, we explored different architectural movements like Art Deco in the 20’s and Modernism, which reviled simplicity and structure.  Inspiration came from everywhere, and we used ideas and concepts that caught our attention like music, architecture, various readings, a distinct color, and icons like Isabella Blow and  Phillip Tracy with Madonna’s bow form the 80’s.

Headbands have been an art form and a decorative expression for Oh! Nena since day one.  They have been inspired by moments, and every moment has its own history in time and lives on in the future.  History is surrounding us.

 Where do you get your inspirations?

 As we said before, it depends on the mood we are in.  We look for inspiration coming from music, architecture, an intriguing book, social movements, and even some silly ideas.  Sometimes we try to imagine what kind of pictures we want to achieve and go from there.  Other times we think about what materials we want to work with and let our imagination run free to create beautiful things.  It’s a very spontaneous process and we love to keep it that way.

Where can we buy Oh! Nena?

 You can buy them directly from our webpage, oh-nena.com

Any last words for By Stylingamsterdam.com readers?

Always be yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself through fashion.  Let your inner beauty flow from you and through your clothes.  Dressing your own way equates to living your own life.



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