Interview With Celebrity Stylist Graziella Ferraro

This week we met Celebrity Stylist, Graziella Ferraro! Graziella styles Hind, Jasmine Sendar and Beertje van Beers, on the red carpet as well as advertising projects.

What made you want to become a stylist? How did you get your start?
I became a stylist by presenting at television. That’s how I got in contact with the world of showbusiness.

Describe your typical day?

  • Get out of bed at seven, jump under the shower, grab a coffee on my way to the officie, see my crew at the office and talk everything through with them.
  • Sort out clothes to be returned (this is what my crew does).
  • Going out for meetings or drive to the set of a production
  • Having dinner with clients and when I come home I’m doing my mails an write my blog.
 Where does your inspiration come from?

  • Abroad, by travelling.
  • Magazines and Videoclips.
  • Making Moods for clients.

What’s the biggest challenge when styling a celebrity?
To keep the quality of dressing a person high. Which means: every time you dress a person it has to be better than the last time you dressed him or her.

Name your three favourite shopping destinations?

  • New York
  • Paris
  • London

Name two items no woman should ever have in her closet.

  • Harem Pants
  • Leg Warmers

Any future projects that you want to share with our readers?
I am busy with a lot of projects. Keep on following me and you will know what I am working on, soon!

What are the five style musts for this season?

  • Gold, like a golden dress (seen on the Dolce runway)
  • Fifties style and Bon Ton: Matching shoes, bags, etc. (seen on the Versace runway)
  • Black Magin: a lot of lace, dark silhouettes, gothic inspired (seen at the Blumarin runway)
  • Boyish: Black tie, Prince de Gailles (seen at Yves Saint Laurent)
  • High School Preppy: think of Harry Potter blazers and mini skirts (seen on the Chloé runway)
Last but not least: a philosophical question: How much black is too much black?
Too much black is useless and negative. Colour makes the world happy!

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Images courtesy of Graziella Ferraro. Graphics courtesy of By StylingAmsterdam Femmie


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