Chaga Betula; Time to get healthy!

On first hearing about Chaga Betula, we got very curious.. who got this to the Netherlands, and what took them so long??? Its the story of a man from Aruba.. trying to help his best friend when discovered with a deadly illness.. Cancer.








Here is the story of the man, who brought us Chaga Betula.

Born and raised in Aruba lived in Curacao, Surinam and Ibiza I was always fascinated by the value of good nutrition to our health. Grandma often used medicinal herbs from the Amazon region to prevent us from illnesses.

The only time Grandma would see a pharmacy was to get some aspirins for headache or perhaps a soothing toothache. After all these long years of my life I am very thankful to the old lady because the whole family profited from her knowledge and most of us have kept up with it.

In 2006 a good friend told me he was diagnosed with an incurable pancreatic cancer and the doctors said that he would not be operated on the wide spread tumor. He would only live a few months longer.
I had met Dr.Hiroshi Konno an intelligent biologist from Japan who provided me Chaga (Tsi-Aga) capsules for my friend. The betulinic acid in fermented substance and enzyme treated at his lab is widely known to stop tumors from growing and restore the immune system of our body.
The chaga mushroom, or inonotus obliquus, is a medicinal mushroom that grows in northern Europe, Siberia, Asia and North America. It grows for seven years inside the bark of wounded or mature birch trees, and it expresses itself outside the bark in the form of a blossom that looks like burnt coal and feels like cork. Not very sexy, but what chaga can do for you is certainly attractive. Chaga mushroom can be used as a remedy for chronic inflammation, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, stomach illnesses and improving the immune system. For our detox fans, its an excellent product to help you getting rid of your toxins a natural way.

My friend and many others have benefited from chaga since. Other people have used chaga since I started an online shop selling this wonderful product from nature which grows on birch trees ( Betula) in Siberia and some parts of Alaska. All of them witnessed a positive change to their health and now are enjoying an improved lifestyle.

My mission and passion  is to keep spreading the good news and keep on providing my clients the very best product for their health. Even customers from the far east who are used to using herbal products based on the traditional Chinese Medicine have rediscovered this medicinal mushroom.

Currently living in Amsterdam the Netherlands I travel the world visiting potential customers and those seeking to join the Chaga community. With my producers we are working hard to promote our latest mushroom product the Chaga Plus Elixir for longevity which holds 12 medicinal mushrooms.

Ron Casper
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