The Felix Bar – Peninsula Hotel TST

So this week, I was looking for somewhere quiet and sophisticated to go for a drink after work and I had heard about the Felix bar in TST.  This is a really great little bar and such a good place to look back onto the island.  To be honest the cocktail menu wasn’t out of this world but the were made quickly and the table service was what you would expect from the Peninsula, the main reason for going here is to take in the view, btw I have now found the Intercon across the street has a equally good view if not better.
The history and vibe about the Peninsula is what I like, and the Felix has a very relaxing vibe about it, I have include a few photos so that see the size of the place, the interior design is very modern and reminds me of some of the cool night clubs in New York.  The experience begins as you board the lift and travel up to the bar, the elevator has a mood changing effect, with the lights giving off an orea effect once at the top you arrive at The Lobby.
The bar and restaurant is an alternative reality design by Philippe Starck and as you can see from the photos is a great place to impress or indulge.   The view from bar stretches from Victoria Peak to Hong Kong Harbour and is the perfect place to watch the light show which starts around 8pm.
I think this would be the perfect place to take someone on the third or forth date once you have got pasted the coffee and first couple of dates.  If you are looking for somewhere low key, but still packs a punch when you walk in this is on the list of places to go.  The mid week night I was there was mainly couples – so this is the not the place to pick up girls, heading over to LKF if you are looking for that, would be my recommendation.
This place is about the view, the drinks and the company you are with, so make sure it is someone special you take with you.  On the way out I popped into the basement bar, which was much more lively – make sure you do to.
That’s all for now – enjoy the photos and any questions or comments are very welcome. Hope you enjoy my take on The Felix.


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