Nana!! Our stunning model of the month October!

An interview with Nana, a stunning model from Ghana. Talking about her career, racism and the future.


Hi Nana!! So great to talk to you, so here are a few questions:

Where exactly are you from?

Nana: I am originally from Ghana in West Africa

What are your roots?

Nana: roots are original Ashanti and Kwahu. My Father is from a village in Ashanti called Kumase   Ejuratia  in the Ashanti Region while my Mother decent is from Kwahu Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region of Ghana

When did you start modeling?

Nana: I started Modeling in September 2009 when I was awarded by M&M Magazine in Nigeria as a Winner for a Modeling Competition hosted by their organization in London. In the next two months I was scouted by a Model Agent who works for London fashion week. I was given the opportunity to walk in London Fashion Week in February 2010 for Established Designers and Emerging designers which kicked off my Modeling career.

 Why top model of colour?

Nana: ‘giggles’ Top Model of Colour Competition is a set up mainly for Models of Colour which reflects to me as an opportunity to make a break through as a Model . The whole concept about TMC is to inject Black Models in the Mainstream in my honest opinion is a voice for black Models.

When did you start Top Model of Colour?

I applied for Top Model of Colour UK in mid February 2010, normally is an online application which receives a lot of models applying across the UK . The competition record of female applicants in 2010 was a smashing 3200 online which was shortlisted every week to the final 60 Models. The competition held 3 Heats to select their Top Finals where I was selected in August 21st 2010 as a Finalist.

 What did it do for you?

Nana: Wow I am pleased to say I was crowned the Winner for Top Model of Colour Season 5. It was a dream come true and till to date it shock me that I won. It has started opening doors to work with people in the industry.

 How did it change your life?

Nana: OMG wining Top Model of Colour incredibly changed my life in way I never expected, all I know after I won was to work myself out there which keeps linking me to a massive exposure in London and in Ghana. More importantly it has given me respect within my family as they are very pleased I have been able to achieve my dreams. It makes me feel I am a positive role Model.

 Did it help with modeling, or did it work against you?

Nana: ok that’s a tricky one lol I must say TMC has helped me as a Model and a good inspiration to aspiring Models to see potentials in their abilities. On the other hand as a winner the competition there are times I face challenges whereby my work get criticized which I do my best to handle it well. Criticism is part of the industry and it makes me stronger.

Are you feeling to be treated different in modeling because of your colour?

Nana: Always, always… I have been to Top Modeling Agencies to get signed up and sometimes the comments are just hard to bare, one thing I know is in the Mainstream industry they have a thing that ‘black doesn’t sell’ but I don’t care as I know who I am the most important thing is to believe in yourself and keep pushing, I have been working hard to prove such agencies wrong and those that didn’t want me before are now calling me back.

Is there any advice you can give to an aspiring model?

Nana: Yep, simply I would like to say that whenever you used the word ‘cant’ it limit your abilities of achieving your dreams so whatever you do try to eliminate that word when you knocking on that door.

What are your recent accomplishments, and what are your plans for the future?

Nana: Within 9months of winning I have already graced 3 front covers of Magazines including BLACKHAIR Magazine and 2 front covers for online Magazines making it a total of 5 front covers which has been the best highlights in Top Model of Colour history. It has also given me an opportunity to launch my clothing line ‘ADOPTED CULTURE’ which celebrates fashion of original cultural background and working towards my charity ‘Akosua Ode Foundation’ named after my late Mother in aid of Single Young Women/ Mothers living harsh lives in rural Ghana and Africa. My plans for the future is to set Top Model of Colour in Ghana so help me GOD!! Lol thanks

Thank you so much!!


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