Viva las Macau

Hi all!
Last weekend I went out to Macau for the first time, I had heard a lot about Macau and was really keen to get out there.  I took the trip with a new friend of my mine from the UK who I had met from work who was over in HK for a 2 week piece of work.
We had three things planned for the weekend, firstly we want to go and visit the old Portuguese part of Macau, the Portuguese arrived in 1535 as traders and it was awesome to see some of that history still survive till today. The ruins of cathedral of St Pauls built in 1602 was very impressive, this had burnt down 3 times and was not restored again as it is believed to be on a site of bad karma.  When I was there is was packed with people, very hot, 32+ degrees and humidity to drain you but it was well worth the effort to get there, I enjoyed watching all the people having their photo taken and you can climb up behind the facade and pose behind the arches, there was also coins through there for wishes which made me think about how where every you go in the world the different places you see people have thrown coins and made a wish.  I highly recommend a visit here and from the cathedral you can climb up to the old fort which gives the best view of the Macau.  It really is a place to hang around for a while, people watch and soak up all the atmosphere
One thing you must try is the egg custard tarts – simply delicious, so nice I had two and a specialty of Macau.
Second was a trip to the Venetian hotel, this place was out of this world, from the grand hallway to endless card tables and roulette wheels, the gondolas and the fake Truman show sky, I really was blown away by this place bigtime.  I played roulette, won a bit, then lost a bit had an very unforgettable memorable time with my new friends.  The hotel is the largest building in the world to give you some idea of the scale of the place!!!  The money in this place is incredible, and a lot of people from mainland china were betting very heavy.  I heard that Macau’s casinos take more in one day than the whole of Colorado does in one month….  They are many others to visit too, City of Dream would be another recommendation.

Lastly and probably the most enjoyable was the firework display, which was the main purpose of the visit, words can not do this justice, instead I recommend going on youtube or visit this link.  If you like fireworks, this really is the best of the best and something to tick off on the list of things to do in life.  Simply stunning, there were 2 shows at 9pm and 10pm, I will be going back again for sure – 20 minutes of ohh, wow – look at that one.  Very happy to have been.
Go to Macau with an open mind and you will have a awesome experience, something for everyone of all ages.

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