TMC winner Nicolle Jasper

Nicolle Jasper (not related) was the big winner at Top Model  Of Colour 2011!
Time for a few questions.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am 20 years old and live in Tilburg, Holland. My father is Dutch and my mother is from Indonesia. I was was born and raised here in the Netherlands. But have been to Indonesia a few times, and are certainly planning to go back more often. Right now I am studying pharmaceutics at the Hogeschool Utrecht. After the summer I will start my last year!

A very clever girl obviously!

Why did you enter the Top Model Of Colour competition?
I saw the competition online and it seemed like fun to enter. Especially since the focus is on colored models.
That is what I liked so much about Top Model of Colour, some color and diversity on the runway is very much needed. I believe the more diversity and color on the runway and in magazines will make it more accepted, and eventually sell just as well as blonde models on the cover.
Did you know that covers with blonde models sell better? That it even makes a difference wheter she is light blonde or dark-blonde? That even though Beyonce is more popular, Jennifer Anniston on the cover sells better? That a cover with a blonde Beyonce again sells better than the one with her with brown hair? I wonder why that still is?

Both are role models for young girls, and you will have young girls looking up to you. What is your fashion advice?
Wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Confidence looks best on anyone.

Great advice! What would you never wear?
Oh I find that a hard question. Sometimes you see items of which you think I will never wear them. But then I see how someone is combining or wearing the items, that could persuade me to wear it anyway..

What is your favorite fashion item?
Can it be a bag? A beautiful bag always finishes my outfit. And of course you carry all your important items with you. I actually now have a separate area for all my bags in my closet!

Now that you have won this competition, what are your goals in the modeling industry?
The top! And I am willing to work very hard for it. I do realize that I might not reach it, but I want to look back later on thinking
that at least I tried my hardest.

Where do you draw the line?
Sometimes you hear these scary stories about models being harrassed by a photographer, I hope I never have to deal with that.

With her head firm on her shoulders i think we will hear a lot more of Nicolle!


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